The World’s Best-Selling Beers

There are so many brands and types of beer consumed in the world today it might come as a surprise which is the world’s top selling brand. Obviously, the large corporate brewers of the beer industry rule the roost when it comes to volume sales, the independent brewers of ales and stouts do not really get a look in. So why this blog is entitled the world’s best-selling beers it does not mean by any stretch of the imagine that they are the world’s best tasting beers. Our list is compiled purely on the volume of sales and not of taste or quality.


SABMiller “Snow”

The largest selling and most drunk beer in the world is Snow and it is exclusively sold in China, going back to only a decade ago, Snow was only number twelve on the list of best-selling beers. But within ten years it has leaped into number one spot. Snow used to be part of SABMiller and China Resources Enterprises, but due to the merging of SABMiller and AB InBev, regulators forced a sale. In 2016 Snow sold 2.8 billion gallons of beer which eclipsed the number two best selling beer that year by almost double. Snow pours clear yellow with a foamy head which soon disappears in the glass, it has a strong bitter lager smell with a very mild taste of malt.

Bud Light

Probably a big surprise to many that Bud Light outsold its older brother Budweiser in 2016 beer volumes. This relatively new beer is a thinner, younger example of the original, and outsold its bigger brother by 0.01 billion gallons at 1.24 billion gallons sales worldwide. There were certain reasons for this, perhaps marketing is the main criteria. Light beers are considered more fashionable by the younger generations, they forego taste for less calories, and consider it a healthier beer to imbibe.


The first and largest of cheap American mass produced lagers, and has the great acclaim of being the third largest beer brand in the world. Surprisingly Budweiser lost ground on its younger sibling Bud Light, but it also losing ground to the multitude of craft beers that are now becoming chic and in vogue to drink, in short Budweiser has lost its cool factor. Budweiser is acknowledged as America’s original beer, and a testament to the country’s beer origins, like it or hate it, you cannot dispute that Budweiser has its place in world beer history.



The second Chinese beer to make the top five lists, and it is China’s second most consumed beer. It commands 15% of the Chinese market and sold 1.2 billion gallons in 2016. It used to hold second place in the world’s best-selling beers but is slowly on the decline. Tsingtao has a pleasant aroma and is a well-balanced lager beer, it is actually made from spring water from the mountainous Laoshan area of China which is famed for its purity.


The fifth and final beer of our list, and has been brewed since 1964, Skol is now brewed in Canada, Britain, Sweden and Belgium. Skol is number five in sales and is also the fifth lager type beer on the list. The beer is low alcohol in many countries, only at 2.8 percent alcohol by volume, which makes it a surprising addition to this list. For true beer drinkers this list of the biggest selling beers around the world may be highly disappointing, all the beers are lagers and are produced by mega brewing corporations. But consider that lager was first brewed in the mid-19th century and you can see it is a true and traditional beer.