Great US Arcade Bars

If you are anything like the millions of other bar goers that spend their evenings indoors with the public you probably enjoy a drink and a good chat. However you and your friends may equally spend as much time playing video games together when you aren’t at work or doing other time consuming adult activities. You’ve probably wondered about the possibility of tying these two much loved yet seemingly separate aspects of your social life together many times but just can’t wrap your head around it. Well ponder no more because the arcade bar is here to save your brain the trouble of knitting these two concepts together, and save your legs the trouble of walking to two different places when really all you need is one, a place that serves drinks and a place you can play video games. Here are some of the best spots for making your dream night out become a reality.

1up Arcade – Currently with three different locations, Colfax, Greenwood and Lodo, this arcade meets alcohol hangout comes with stacks of both. As far as games go you wont be disappointed as the walls here are lined with retro arcade cabinets that star all your favourite characters. From the shape shifting saga of Altered Beast, Atari’s rendition of Batman to staple shooters like Namco’s addictive Point Blank and of course classics like Pac Man and Qbert. Whether you are with a group or rolling solo, here the games will keep you company thanks to them being both single and multiplayer titles. At the bar you will find a broad range of ales and IPA’s on tap with Ciders and favourite beers in the fridges too. As if that wasn’t enough their cocktail menu also has some nice and naughty nods to video games with the questionable Donkey Punch taking the spotlight.

Button Mash -Taking its name from the well used yet dishonorable fighting game tactic of hitting all the buttons with no regard for tactics or the acute possibility of a repetitive straining injury, this cool spot in LA is a great place for beer and bashing. Get in on the arcade action and go co-op with five buddies on their X-Men multiplayer machine. Conversely you can take out all your rage on your best friends in head to head beat-em ups like Street Fighter II or the second installment of Mortal Kombat. At the bar here they have a rotating Draft selection as well as all you could ever need in bottled form or maybe a classy sip of red while you virtually pummel your housemate? Exquisite.

Coin-Op – San Francisco has always had a reputation for being where to ‘cool kids’ hang out, and this arcade bar no doubt helps this idea. This place has a real vintage feel about it thanks to their hilariously old style menus and décor, grab a Princess Peach or Earthbound cocktail and park yourself at an equally Nintendo cabinet like the donkey Kong one they have here. Their food menu here is equally as enticing but please wash your hands before returning to the joysticks, or you may get a real life barrel to the face.