• The Different Types of Beers – Part 2

    In our journey to discover the different types of beers that exist around the world we have discovered the difference between lagers and ales, and looked at pilsners, IPA’s and stouts. In this blog we are going to look at even more types of beers including porter, Belgium beer and[…]

  • The Different Types of Beers – Part 1

    Many people are confused with the plethora of beer brands, styles and types of beers that exist today. Is there really a difference between a pilsner and a larger? Or perhaps a porter and a stout? In this blog we try to take the mystery out of beer and to[…]

  • The History of Beer – Part 2

    The second serving of our blog on the history of beer looks at the spread of beer across the world from Northern Europe, and how it has changed from the early primitive brews of ancient Egypt.

  • The History of Beer – Part 1

    Did you know that beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the world? It is quite refreshing that this is so for all beer lovers around the world, it would not be quite the same if the oldest recorded recipe of all time was for a lemon drizzle cake or[…]

  • The A-Z of Pub and Tavern Snacks

    There is nothing quite like having a savory snack while you are having a beer or two, and once the humble packet of crisp or fries were the only alternative. Today there are a multiple of salty and savory snacks for you to nibble on whilst you imbibe. We look[…]

  • The Most Popular Soft Drinks in Tavern and Pubs

    Many people who enter in a pub or tavern are there to enjoy a cool beer or perhaps a nice glass of whisky, but for others a soft drink is more appropriate. This may be because they are the designated driver or for those who are simply off the booze[…]

  • The History of American Saloons

    The Western saloons were versions of the East Coast Tavern, and it was a kind of bar that was particular to the Old West. The clientele was far different to that of a Tavern, mostly frontiersmen such as soldiers, fur trappers, cowboys, lumberjacks, gamblers, lawmen and miners. Saloons came in[…]

  • The History of American Taverns

    There is no doubt the origins of the tavern were immersed in English history, the English were always fond of replacements for their home, but where they could meet people and converse. The inns and taverns of Old England came well before coffee houses. And in the New World, America[…]

  • The World’s Best-Selling Beers

    There are so many brands and types of beer consumed in the world today it might come as a surprise which is the world’s top selling brand. Obviously, the large corporate brewers of the beer industry rule the roost when it comes to volume sales, the independent brewers of ales[…]

  • Famous Drinking Games

    We have all been on stag nights and college campuses, when consuming beer on lads or girl’s night has to be accompanied with a hilarious drinking game. There are many such games around the world, some word orientated and some just plain physical, in this blog we look at some[…]